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      Our company is a retailer of a wide range of batteries. We offer batteries and battery packs for laptops, cameras,cellular phones, cordless phones, watches, racing cars, fluorescent lamps, to name a few. Likewise, we also have battery related items such as chargers, plug connectors, nickel plates, shrinkable tubes, and many more. 

       Its operation started in the year 2001, since we foresee a big demand in the future for batteries, through the concept of one stop battery shop that provides good quality products combined with value added service to our clientele. That year we opened our first retail outlet in Davao City and named it BATTERY KINGDOM DAVAO, located at C.M. Recto Street., a testing ground that generated good feedback.  It was then that we opened more branches in Metro Manila and Cebu under the name Battery Kingdom, Battery Specialist, Battery Zone, Battery Channel and Battery Plus, in our mission to serve more customers.

         Undoubtedly, each outlet we opened through the years has given us more information on what the consumer wants and the types of batteries in demand. It is also our ultimate goal to educate people regarding the proper care and usage of batteries. Most people do not realize that batteries inside the battery packs (e.g. Battery packs for video cameras, vhf radios, laptops, and more) can be replaced. It would save them a lot of money by just bringing their unit to us so we can simply replace the batteries with new ones. We are proud to say we specialize in this field of service.

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